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DCCR Voting Information

The Full Story

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What are DCCRs? (also known as CC&Rs)

Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs). 

The CC&Rs are basically the rules of your neighborhood. Generally, the goal of the CC&Rs is protect, preserve, and enhance property values in the community. Most of the time, the rules make sense and are easy to accept. (For example, it is pretty easy to agree with a covenant that requires you to mow your lawn and keep it weed-free.) 

What is an ACC?

An Architectural Control Committee is responsible for maintaining the aesthetic and structural integrity of the association and enforcing the CC&Rs and By Laws. They should be reviewing any applications for modifications, additions, or architectural changes in the community.

Forced Maintenance

Currently only some Units have this, we would like all Units to be able to enforce the rule below which simply allows the HOA to ensure your  neighborhood stays safe.

"The owners or occupants of all lots shall at all times keep weeds and grass thereon cut in a sanitary, healthful, and attractive manner. Lot owners or occupants shall also be required to provide and allow safe and adequate drainage within their lot. This includes the building or construction of any fence, walk, landscaping material, or other obstruction which may divert, impede, or cause back up run-off water coming not only from their respective lot but from other lots. Should the owner or occupant fail to provide foresaid maintenance, then the Association shall have the right, but not the obligation to perform said maintenance at the expense of the owner or occupant."



If you are looking for what is or was in the DCCR's or what wording will be changed. 


For the Forced Maintenance: 

No wording should be changed, it's actually more a matter of having all the units have the same ability to enforce maintenance. The wording above is only listed in some, we want to add it to all. 


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